• Shenzhen Overseas Fair


Guangdong Financial Printing Co., Ltd, is not just a paper box manufacturer, It is more than a partner. So a partnership with Financial Printing isn’t just about buying boxes. It’s about building a relationship with a knowledgeable, trusted, committed source; adding value to your business; and actively contributing to your success in the marketplace.

  1. Packaging Design

    When we design a packaging , we factor in more than dimensions, style and material. Above and beyond the package itself, our solutions often include such breakthroughs as new ways to utilize space and reduce materials consumed, improvements in your production flow, better transportation plans to reduce your costs and the smartest use of people in your processes.  

  2. Innovation and Creativity

    Innovation is the mainstay of our business. Creativity is the cornerstone of our success. People are our fundamental asset and we empower them to succeed personally and professionally.
    Financial Printing can help with speed to market to increase your profitability on new products and outstanding packaging.

  3. Efficiency

    When you show us your packaging design. we could make it in very efficient way to let you see how it will looks. Our team’s job, is show you the box in fast way and revise it at most efficient way. Choose us, we will not let you down.

  4. Quality

    The most important thing that you will care about, of course, that is quality of box. It will also reflect what the product seems to be. That is also what we focus on and what we do for our customers. Make your product more outstanding with the best quality you could find. 

  5. Environment Protection

    Concerning the paper packaging, we choose the recycled material for all our products as we know that, it is our duty to protect our environment and also protect your customers who choose our products. We will do it together.