In modern merchandise sales and a variety of promotional activities, shopping bag must yield can be described as some clothing, gifts, electronic products and the like products in the transaction, will be bundled to the customer A considerable size, the bag with its own brand LOGO logo, which is convenient to carry customers, can potentially […]

As social and economic, cultural development, almost as long as the goods are sold on the market, there will be packing boxes, in the convenience of their customers at the same time, but for environmental protection tremendous pressure. Under the influence of environmental awareness, green packaging boxes become the development direction of the industry. Green, […]

Chinese wine culture goes back to the Zhou Dynasty had been formed in the Han Dynasty and later obtained constantly enrich and develop, for wine packaging applications, but also by the original packaging development to the present variety of packaging. The range of goods on the shelves for consumers. First of all you see is […]

First, in the jewelry boxes of material. There are a lot of customers in the choice of jewelry box back to worry about it when the material off, however, on this point Borghese Printing is doing very good, its use of the material are made of high-grade materials. Second, the production of jewelry box manufacturers […]