Bag packaging not only provide convenience for shoppers, it can also take the opportunity to sell a product or brand again. Beautifully designed bag will be attractive, even if printed on eye-catching bags are trademarks or advertising, the customer will be happy to re-use this bag has become one of the most effective yet inexpensive […]

Corrugated box with a light weight, high strength, easy processing, easy to store and transport, easy recovery and recycling, good printability, low cost, has been widely used in electronic products industry, food industry, industry and other fields sales packaging and transport packaging. Therefore, transport corrugated packaging system design is a multi-objective optimization problem of multi-variable […]

It most frequently occurs in the current packaging design, use of color, the widest range of use. In many graphic design (refer to posters, hanging painting class or category binding situation) is very common. The so-called shades contrast, should refer to the use of color shades in the design of two colors simultaneously cleverly appears […]

Above that, regardless of the packaging printing enterprises occupy an important position in the entire printing industry in terms of scale, output value and export processing. Especially since the 1990s, it experienced a second technological revolution of printing, packaging and printing industry has undergone profound changes in the past that “first-class product, second-class packaging, third-class […]

The recent upward trend, the packaging can be said that the next few years the market. So many gift boxes companies Chouzhunshiji ready to join the ranks, many books, newspapers, printers began to channel noodles learned that Shanghai is now the stickers printed gift boxes and packaging industry to do well, everybody We are looking […]