Personalized digital printing with flexible, fast, personalized features become the development trend of the printing industry, digital printing and flexible response, ready to make the appropriate products according to the needs of society, and therefore widely welcomed by the people. Whenever the holiday season, some personalized business cards, catalogs, calendars, cards, and so have a […]

With the development of commodity society and improve living standards of consumers, increasing demand for corrugated boxes has high strength and good function of advertising, the fine print on the increasingly high demand, corrugated packaging sales gradually shifted from transport packaging it is also an opportunity carton industry. On the strength of consumer demand trends […]

Foreign companies need to enhance their competitiveness Recently, with the RMB exchange rate reform policy adjustments, short-term reform of the formation mechanism of the inner make export enterprises are facing pressure on certain operations. For the printing and packaging industry, since the first half of this year, the Pearl River Delta and coastal areas export […]

Press and Publication Administration statistics show that the country is currently engaged in packaging and decoration printing enterprises to 37,431, accounting for the entire printing companies 97391 37%. China’s packaging and decoration printing enterprises has formed the coexistence of diverse forms of ownership pattern of different economic types, different levels, state-owned, collective, private, individual, joint-stock, […]

On the current domestic market, the packer also packaging industry has made great achievements in the current form gradually becoming stable, people under the influence of today’s concept of environmental protection, carton packaging has gradually into the people’s life, and has become the mainstream of the packaging industry, cardboard balers in the end can become […]