Green Packaging

26Sep 2016

As social and economic, cultural development, almost as long as the goods are sold on the market, there will be packing boxes, in the convenience of their customers at the same time, but for environmental protection tremendous pressure. Under the influence of environmental awareness, green packaging boxes become the development direction of the industry. Green, […]

26Sep 2016

Chinese wine culture goes back to the Zhou Dynasty had been formed in the Han Dynasty and later obtained constantly enrich and develop, for wine packaging applications, but also by the original packaging development to the present variety of packaging. The range of goods on the shelves for consumers. First of all you see is […]

06Sep 2016

The recent upward trend, the packaging can be said that the next few years the market. So many gift boxes companies Chouzhunshiji ready to join the ranks, many books, newspapers, printers began to channel noodles learned that Shanghai is now the stickers printed gift boxes and packaging industry to do well, everybody We are looking […]

04Aug 2016

Recently, from China Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association was informed that there are European and American companies looking to invest a third of respondents in the packaging and printing equipment. According to China’s Asia-Pacific Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association responsible person said, the European packaging industry is large, its packaging market value of […]

16Jul 2016

For a non absorbent materials such as film class label, use water-based ink and a very key performance indicators, is the adhesion.Absorbent material due to its own characteristics, resulting in ink has good adsorption in the surface penetration, lead to poor adhesion.In terms of research and development of printing ink, choosing appropriate emulsion is very […]

16Jul 2016

From the point of view of interacting with customers, as a result of shrinkage of label can provide the adornment of the largest area, so the product shelf impact, brand promotion, marketing and product information, etc, have many advantages. 1. The product is a curve of the packing? First of all, the product packaging must […]

06Jul 2016

Today, businesses must be involved in the printing industry, whether it is business card printing or printing catalogs, brochures, etc. To have a fine print products, give businesses add a lot of splendor, allowing customers to your business is impressive. It is one of the tools essential to the enterprise business activities, as well as […]

28Jun 2016

By thesuccessful companies continued success from key account management. Successful operation of enterprises to improve customer viscosity and breadth by three kinds of means, finally to be a big business. First, companies can get customers through mergers and acquisitions critical resources, such as REXAM and AMCOR company; or greater viscosity customers by extending the industrial […]

25Jun 2016

Investment Highlights China’s printing and packaging industry is still growing, which surviving is to provide value-added downstream. The whole industry has experienced 30 years of rapid development, with a total annual compound growth of 20.10 percent from 1980 years. And in 2011, China’s packaging industry output value reached 13,000 billion yuan, becoming second largest packaging […]