Printing & Packaging

26Sep 2016

In modern merchandise sales and a variety of promotional activities, shopping bag must yield can be described as some clothing, gifts, electronic products and the like products in the transaction, will be bundled to the customer A considerable size, the bag with its own brand LOGO logo, which is convenient to carry customers, can potentially […]

21Sep 2016

First, in the jewelry boxes of material. There are a lot of customers in the choice of jewelry box back to worry about it when the material off, however, on this point Borghese Printing is doing very good, its use of the material are made of high-grade materials. Second, the production of jewelry box manufacturers […]

21Sep 2016

Corrugated box with a light weight, high strength, easy processing, easy to store and transport, easy recovery and recycling, good printability, low cost, has been widely used in electronic products industry, food industry, industry and other fields sales packaging and transport packaging. Therefore, transport corrugated packaging system design is a multi-objective optimization problem of multi-variable […]

21Sep 2016

It most frequently occurs in the current packaging design, use of color, the widest range of use. In many graphic design (refer to posters, hanging painting class or category binding situation) is very common. The so-called shades contrast, should refer to the use of color shades in the design of two colors simultaneously cleverly appears […]

09Sep 2016

Corrugated European countries are mostly wide, high-speed production line, and the formation of a comprehensive range of highly efficient production system, can not stop conversion specifications, so to adapt the scope of these lines is very wide, production flexibility is also very large. Either complete large volume production orders, small orders can also be done […]

07Sep 2016

Above that, regardless of the packaging printing enterprises occupy an important position in the entire printing industry in terms of scale, output value and export processing. Especially since the 1990s, it experienced a second technological revolution of printing, packaging and printing industry has undergone profound changes in the past that “first-class product, second-class packaging, third-class […]

01Sep 2016

Personalized digital printing with flexible, fast, personalized features become the development trend of the printing industry, digital printing and flexible response, ready to make the appropriate products according to the needs of society, and therefore widely welcomed by the people. Whenever the holiday season, some personalized business cards, catalogs, calendars, cards, and so have a […]

29Aug 2016

With the development of commodity society and improve living standards of consumers, increasing demand for corrugated boxes has high strength and good function of advertising, the fine print on the increasingly high demand, corrugated packaging sales gradually shifted from transport packaging it is also an opportunity carton industry. On the strength of consumer demand trends […]