As social and economic, cultural development, almost as long as the goods are sold on the market, there will be packing boxes, in the convenience of their customers at the same time, but for environmental protection tremendous pressure. Under the influence of environmental awareness, green packaging boxes become the development direction of the industry.
Green, environmentally friendly packing boxes can also be called a green packing boxes, is harmless to the environment and human health, can re-use and recycling of packaging boxes, gift packaging consistent with sustainable development. Bo Han Xiao Bian opinion, a green, environmentally friendly packing boxes should be more widely used, paper packaging boxes will undoubtedly become the most environmentally friendly packaging materials. Paper packaging boxes of raw materials are natural plant fibers, will soon rot in the soil, it will not cause environmental pollution and to be re-recycled paper. So the subsequent packing boxes believe widespread use of paper materials. The world called green, environmentally friendly packing boxes, to protect our homeland, is imperative. In today’s trend of homogenization of a variety of goods, packing boxes became the quality of goods, an important factor in service after the third set of absolute sales and build brand image. So packaging boxes increased from the original product protection and consumer-friendly features, additional changes to the commodity value of the goods, build brand, promote the development of sales. Packaging boxes has become an important part of the product marketing plan.

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