Chinese wine culture goes back to the Zhou Dynasty had been formed in the Han Dynasty and later obtained constantly enrich and develop, for wine packaging applications, but also by the original packaging development to the present variety of packaging. The range of goods on the shelves for consumers. First of all you see is the shape of the wine box, wine is packaged, wine is wine “face”, the sales of the wine has a very important role. Elegant, distinctive, printing effect beautifully packaged wine will give wine to bring otherworldly qualities, to bring consumers more pleasure to enjoy, so for wine packaging, the packaging and printing quality is particularly important.
For wine product packaging level, in highly developed science and technology today, whether vases, porcelain or crystal bottle, regardless of gravure printing, computer design gold or silver, all arbitrary, Shoudaoqinlai. Thus, the wine market a variety of products both colorful yet all familiar. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, people’s lifestyles are changing consumer demand and, at the same time, domestic and international market demand for wine packaging more and more to the factors conducive to marketing considerations, for the security of demand is also growing. So, wine packaging to keep up the current pace of the times, study consumer psychology, to cater to consumer habits, and guide the consumer advocate, the introduction of new processing technology, materials and design to obtain the overall wine brand attributes and counter sales effectiveness, improve economic benefits, which is the market for wine packaging and new business requirements submitted.

DW-W0705-wholesale-portable-wine-box-packaging-with-hand-strap-1   DW-W02-Wholesale-Paper-Single-Wine-Box-With-Corrugated-Boxes-And-Green-Portable-Boxes-04