Bag packaging not only provide convenience for shoppers, it can also take the opportunity to sell a product or brand again. Beautifully designed bag will be attractive, even if printed on eye-catching bags are trademarks or advertising, the customer will be happy to re-use this bag has become one of the most effective yet inexpensive advertising media
Bag is a piece of art, enough to arouse people’s attention must be designed very beautiful, have a strong visual effect. There are four important elements patterned bag: design, text, symbols, illustration (1) bag pattern (2) handbag Typography (3) bag symbol (4) bag illustration

DW-G44 Wholesale Custom Cardboard Paper Box, wedding favor box 2     DW-PB11-Luxury-Paper-Gift-Bags-For-Candy-And-Other-Small-Gifts-In-The-Wedding-01 (1)