Corrugated European countries are mostly wide, high-speed production line, and the formation of a comprehensive range of highly efficient production system, can not stop conversion specifications, so to adapt the scope of these lines is very wide, production flexibility is also very large. Either complete large volume production orders, small orders can also be done in a continuous production operations.

In contrast, China’s corrugated paper production line in only a handful of tile lines having such a function. At present, the tile line even wide high-speed production lines, there are also aspects of the lack of technical capabilities, especially in very small quantities to adapt to market changes in a wide gap.

From a single production line yield performance point of view, the performance indicators of several major European countries, respectively; the United States 6451, Germany 5670, France 4440, Britain 3670, Spain 3260, units for the million sqm / single / year.

At present, the single production line yield performance indicators compared with those of developed countries, the gap is larger, not in an order of magnitude.

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