It most frequently occurs in the current packaging design, use of color, the widest range of use. In many graphic design (refer to posters, hanging painting class or category binding situation) is very common. The so-called shades contrast, should refer to the use of color shades in the design of two colors simultaneously cleverly appears on one of the picture, and produce a more coordinated class perspective effect. BEDDING usually light, such as a large area, but with a dark patterned thereon, such as yellow bunk, to be patterned with brown, or yellow or white line pattern in brown in color; also as bunk with light green; dark green patterned; pink bunk; big red patterned; grayish bunk; soap black composition and so on. These are shades of contrasting colors used in this form in the packaging design, we can in some cosmetics packaging or packaging of some Western wines, especially in Western Europe is the most common on the wine packaging. China Changyu wine and the way Shuanghui sausage and meat packaging CJ mostly use this form of expression. This form of packaging in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are also common. It demonstrated the visuals are crisp, simple, gentle, simple and elegant.

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