We are accepted by customers to do a project, the first thing to consider is not how well-designed gift box and packaging was beautiful, but to communicate with customers, products and markets to understand how the product should be positioned? Belong to what type of market segments? What are the characteristics which may eventually target consumers? Analysis of the target consumer age, gender, income disparities, aesthetic practices, and different regions, different cultural backgrounds, religious differences among consumers and so on, and then proceed with the design and creativity. Do the design, is a very mental and physical exhaustion of work, carried out before the new project, in the face of many complex, disordered, cumbersome information, the designer must calmly analyze, research, filter, sort until a complete idea , the process can be described as painstaking, but fortunately, there is a lot of work over the years has been appreciated by customers, a lot of money to the enterprise’s performance, which is enough to make us deeply gratified.

DW-C15-Wholesale-colorful-packaging-box-for-makeup-box   DW-G3404 Wholesale Printed Package Of Gift Paper Box With Gift Papers-5