First, in the jewelry boxes of material. There are a lot of customers in the choice of jewelry box back to worry about it when the material off, however, on this point Borghese Printing is doing very good, its use of the material are made of high-grade materials.

Second, the production of jewelry box manufacturers in the workmanship through strict production process, quality control system, to ensure product sections are fine, especially in the details of the above is doing very well, such as the degree of leveling plates, countertops clean the extent of this area is very strong at intercourse.

Third, the jewelry box making factory design. Poor design jewelry packaging company does not have its own design ideas, can only do simple style, not their own ideas and innovative in design, can simply imitate others behind, the true sense of design that contains the design and development two, only to lead the trend of jewelry boxes showcase the company was having a strong design ability, can design beyond the era of personalized jewelry box.

DW-FO20-2-Custom-logo-handmade-cheap-folding-fancy-gift-paper-storage-box    DW-J47-2-China-Shenzhen-High-End-Luxury-Custom-Jewelry-Box