In modern merchandise sales and a variety of promotional activities, shopping bag must yield can be described as some clothing, gifts, electronic products and the like products in the transaction, will be bundled to the customer
A considerable size, the bag with its own brand LOGO logo, which is convenient to carry customers, can potentially improve the quality of products and promote their brands, and some businesses will make some of them with publicity provided
Extensive distribution meter bag to actuate branding. In order to more effectively promote its products and services, almost all of the businesses it will be for their own products accompanied by fine bag. See the show, to the mall to buy
Was to buy cosmetics, to sweep goods brand-name stores, publishers open book launch, product suppliers hold new promotion …… way back and forth away people came back, his hand always carrying a wide variety of paper bags.

DW-PB45-China-High-Quality-Custom-Paper-Packaging-Handbag-Paper-Bag-Wedding-Programs1   DW-PB11-Luxury-Paper-Gift-Bags-For-Candy-And-Other-Small-Gifts-In-The-Wedding-02 (1)